Genetics are strong

by Katie on August 20, 2014

While I love my husband dearly, every wife knows there are just some things about husbands that drive you bonkers.

One of those things for us is the fact that Brandon cannot stand for something he doesn’t like/isn’t going to eat to be on his plate, near the rest of his food. It is the craziest thing.

And where, do you suppose, he thinks it needs to be placed?

Oh, you know, the nearest food-bearing surface. That being my plate.

Just imagine, going about your meal, enjoying some family time, when all of a sudden, you are splattered by a plop of half-eaten (not by you) food landing on your plate, next to everything else you’re trying to eat.

It is not the most appetizing thing in the world. And after more than six years? Still drives me up the walls.

Every time, I ask him why he can’t just scoot it over to the side of his plate until we both finish our meal. But the next time, my plate is still met with anything unwanted from his.

And the very worst part?

It seems he has passed on this trait to his little mini me.

Lovely. Now I get toddler and husband scraps added to my plate.

But, no joke, after Leyton has made her rounds through her plate and decides what she isn’t going to eat, she begins trying to hand it to us, piece by piece, to get it off her plate. Usually, it is accompanied by, “Dirty,” or “Trash,” as she makes her sweep. Or, sometimes, we get lucky, and she picks up each piece saying, “Bite, Bite,” meaning she wants to feed us her leftovers. I do not partake. I am afraid I cannot say the same for Brandon.

Anyway, I’m working with her now on leaving things on her plate, or at the very least, her high chair tray. But it’s a little difficult when all of Daddy’s food ends up on Mommy’s plate. Just one of many, many battles I fear I will be fighting with the combined forces of these two.


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