Rocker 7 Farm Patch

by Katie on July 13, 2014

Well, there is a big reason why our little space on the Internet has taken a far back seat around here (and by that, I mean the last seat on the bus).

It is not a new baby.

At least of the human kind anyway.

But we do have a new business in the works around here.

Rocker 7 Farm Patch logo

This October, as in three months from this weekend, we’re hosting a pumpkin patch, corn maze and other entertainment on a new piece of property we’re completely turning around to make it welcoming to the public. Since we’re all vested in educating and creating agricultural awareness, we’re also offering school tours that month and incorporating some of that material into our weekends.

We’re excited, and it should be fun, but right now, it’s pretty much equally terrifying as well. So, here’s to new things. And hopefully a blog post or two, at least, to document it all.


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