I really am chopped liver

by Katie on July 16, 2014

We all knew Leyton had a slight preference for her daddy. But it turns out she isn’t fazed at all by my absence, and instead begs for his return all day long.

There are many, many times during the day (on the days she’s with me) where she will randomly ask for her daddy or where he is (“Where it go Daddy?” Kill me already with that sentence.). Or, if he does happen to pop in for a minute or two, or anyone else does, she shrieks “Daddy!” with absolute delight as soon as she hears the door open and takes off running for it.

We assumed this was because I was already here with her, so he was really the only option it could be. And also because, since mid-Spring, her time with him has been quite limited. It’s the nature of being a hay farmer this time of year. And it’s kind of breaking all our hearts now that she’s big enough to stand at the door and protest when he leaves.

But anyway, due to some shuffling around of childcare options we’re doing the next two weeks, I had a young girl over yesterday morning to keep Leyton at the house while I worked. There were two different times I had to re-enter our home after I had been “gone” and Leyton was playing with her babysitter. And I bet you can guess what I heard both times I opened the door.

It wasn’t Mama.

It was “Daddy!” followed by the pattering of little feet as they raced toward the door.

And then turned around and went back to playing with the sitter when she saw it was just me.

This kid knows how to humble me, that’s for sure.

But she’s pretty darn cute, so we’ll let her get away with it.

And mercy, she loves her daddy.

Leyton and Daddy

Helping Daddy in the hay barn



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