No food for the farmer

by Katie on June 19, 2014

So, Leyton and I just got back from a whopping ten day trip to Texas. And, y’all, ten days is a long time. Even when you’re in the Promised Land.

Anyway, Brandon joined us for the first couple days of our trip, then went home to spend a full week in an empty house.

Granted, he didn’t spend all that much time in that empty house while we were gone, unless you count getting home at 9pm, going to sleep, and waking up to go to work between 12 and 2am quality time at home. So I’m really not sure any of us missed out on much family time.

But the whole point of this story is Brandon’s belly. In addition to the breakfast burritos and lunch burritos I made and left in the freezer for him, we had a couple containers of leftovers in the freezer, along with several packages of bratwursts and such, and the frozen corn dogs and pizza hotpockets (gag me) he requested a while back for baling season. I felt like he was pretty much covered for the days we would be gone, especially considering he was likely to eat half his meals at his grandma’s house anyway.

Even so, I made multiple attempts at asking for any grocery survival items he might need in the week before we left so I could stock them for him while he was alone. You want to know what he requested? Nothing.

So we made our way to Texas. And he returned two days later.

And three days later, I received several text messages complaining about the available food in our home, or lack thereof.

I kindly reminded him of all the attempts I made to go to the store for him before I left.

I then received the following:

“I didn’t realize how little there is around here for a man to eat. I was staring at the pantry thinking ‘Man, if only I were a toddler or a hippie I would be in good shape.'”

Along with a statement that I could “blog/quote that” so everyone could know of his plight.

By that, he means we have plenty of baby snacks in stock at all times. I call that family survival. We also have some healthier snack options that, as you can see, one of us doesn’t really prefer. Next time, I’ll just know to add a Little Debbie box or two to the pantry.

And can I just add that it’s a sad day when your toddler is easier to feed than your husband?


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