Parent fail

by Katie on May 26, 2014

So, I had a major parent “win” Sunday evening when I took Leyton to an actual park playground for the very first time. I know, she’s nearly 16 months old and she had yet to ever see a slide, much less go down one. But to be fair, she’s only been actually walking on her own for less than a month, so I didn’t really feel bad about it.

Anyway, we made our first playground trip Sunday evening after supper.

All was well, and fun and games, until Mama got a bright idea. Leyton seemed to be doing just fine going down the slide with me, and loving every bit of it, so I made a split-second decision at the top of the slide and just let her go, sending her down by herself, instead of sitting behind her. And she LOVED it. She zipped right down, shot off the end, plopped right on her bottom, cackled with delight, then stood up, brushed her hands off, and kept laughing and clapping about the whole thing.

Mother of the year, right? I let her go, let her spread her wings, and she soared beautifully. And all that stuff.

Of course, we did it again since it had worked so beautifully the first time. And again, she loved every second and was tickled to death afterward.

We made our rounds to some other things quickly, because even though it was a playground designed just for toddlers, there still wasn’t much for a 15.5 month old to do with her tiny legs. We made what I declared to be one final climb to the slide for one last slide down before we headed home to clean up for bed.

And this is where my major parent “fail” came into play.

Just like the first two times, I let my baby go at the top of the slide. She zipped right down. Only, this time, instead of plopping sweetly on her cushioned little bottom, I watched her fly off the end of the slide, firmly face planting into the mulch.

Worst mother ever, right?

Who sends their baby face-first into wood chip mulch?

Apparently, I do.

When I reached her at the bottom, she still had her face down where she had landed. And I picked her up to reveal the most pitiful sight in the world. There were tears and snot covering her face, with mulch stuck to every bit of it.

And so, I did what any mother would do. I quickly wiped all the mulch off her face, scooped her up, gave a quick glance around to see how many parents may have seen what I just did to my kid, then made a dash for the car and headed home.

But that really wasn’t the worst part.

The worst part was today, when Brandon found a pretty good cut on the palm of her little hand and asked what in the world had happened to his child while he was away. So I had to tell him about our little incident last night, since it was really the only place I can imagine she would have received such a wound.

So there’s a proud mom moment for the books. Feel free to ask for any parenting advice!



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