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by Katie on May 21, 2014

I first heard of the Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) program sometime at the end of last summer. A new parent, with big water safety fears, I was instantly intrigued. I dug right in, researched it, and decided that very day that we were going to enroll Leyton in lessons as soon as possible.

It was expensive. And more than that, it required one heck of a time commitment. A ten minute lesson, plus drive and prep/change time both ways, every weekday, for six weeks? Who has that kind of time? I certainly didn’t.

But I decided to make it.

And I am so glad I did.

I ended up not being able to enroll her last year, because by the time she was sitting up well enough (the only requirement to begin the lessons), pool season was over and lessons were no longer offered. But you can bet your bottom dollar that the first 70 degree day we had this year, I got in touch with the closest instructor and got officially signed up.

She just finished up her first round of lessons a couple weeks ago, and we could not be happier we made the financial and time investment into a potentially life-saving skill for our most precious Earthly possession.

It was hard.

I had to quit work early every weekday for six weeks. I had to listen to my crying baby scream bloody murder “Momm-yyyy!” over and over, between dunks under water, for three full weeks. I had to watch her look at me through chlorine and tears like, “Why aren’t you saving me?! I’m calling for you!” for six weeks. I had to sit there and bite my lip when she forgot to close her mouth or hold her breath and gagged some on the pool water for six weeks. We ate a lot of crockpot meals for supper for six weeks.

But at the end of that six weeks? It was worth that, and so much more, to be confident in knowing she has this skill:

In that video, she’s not wearing a swim diaper and lightweight swim suit. She’s wearing a regular, sopping wet, five pound diaper, with winter pajamas. Part of ISR is making sure they’re strong enough to use their water survival skills even while fully clothed.

Needless to say, we think ISR is completely worth the price tag and time commitment. There is no amount of money or work time that take value over giving our baby a life-saving skill. Feel free to pass along Leyton’s video (one of many, many videos we took over the course of her lessons) to anyone with young children (six months to six years), and look for a certified ISR instructor near you.

The mission for ISR is, “Not One More Child Drowns.” Share the message and save a child you care about!


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