Jesus loves the little children

by Katie on May 19, 2014

Now that our “baby” girl is 15.5 months old, I thought it might be time to share some sweet pictures from her first birthday.

Before we “Caught the Big One” at her party, we began the day in the best possible way. With her Baptism.

We originally planned it that day because we knew my parents would be in town and we would get to celebrate such an important occasion with them. But now, I’m really glad that in addition to celebrating her physical birth every year, we get to celebrate her birth in Christ on the very same day.

It was just a sweet, sweet day, from beginning to end.

Getting Ready

Nothing like a little church parking lot wardrobe change here. I really couldn’t quite get over how innocent and angelic our girl looked once we got her dressed. (I mean, that bonnet. Be still my heart.) The very best part? She was wearing the same gown I wore at my Christening nearly 30 years ago. So she had the charm of vintage appeal as well. And kudos to my mom for digging that treasure out of who-knows-what storage box and bringing it across two states in tip-top shape.

Leyton_Baptism-13 Leyton Baptism

Maybe the best day of my life…

With Mama and Daddy on Baptism Day

It goes without saying that our girl is beyond blessed with an incredible group of family and friends to love on her. This was beautifully illustrated by the crowd of them that joined us for her Baptism:

Family and Friends

Special love for the grandparents:

Leyton_Baptism-27 Grandparents

And, Leyton has a tremendous set of godparents to commit to pray for her and help us raise her right, with a heart for Jesus. (No pressure, y’all.)

Godparents Nicki and Justin

Thanks, Nicki and Justin, for the blessing she has in you!

Obviously, we had quite the set of pretty pictures to commemorate everything. Leyton’s Godmother, Nicki, just happens to also be a professional photographer and was kind enough to document the day for us, poor lighting and all, even though it meant she wasn’t in many pictures herself. And special thanks to her husband, Roddy, for filling in for her when she needed to be in front of the camera. Needless to say, all images here courtesy of Nicki Evans Photography.


The famous fishing birthday party will be up soon!





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