Daddy daycare

by Katie on May 7, 2014

It finally happened.

Brandon was solely responsible for the care of our daughter for nearly 12 hours. And he lived to tell about it.

However, I did receive this message that afternoon:

Brandon's text

Now, I might have felt bad for him. The good Lord only knows how long it took me to adjust to juggling caring for a baby with my own personal care and hygiene.

However, this message was received after they both woke up from a nap. So that kind of redirected my sympathy.

In all seriousness, his day of daddy time was much appreciated so I could spend a fun weekend in San Antonio with some of my very favorite people:

The Girls



And based on the number of messages and videos I received detailing their day, they both thoroughly enjoyed it. Leyton even learned how to help out around the house with her newfound fly-swatting skills. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that Mama should take more solo trips. Yes?


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