Slow walker, fast talker

by Katie on April 9, 2014

We have a 14-month-old baby girl now.

Who still crawls.

She has taken a few steps now, but they have been within the last 11 days. Prior to her 13 month birthday, I had not encouraged any steps or interest in upright mobility in the slightest. But when March 2nd rolled around, I started taking her into the yard every day to “practice”. Until just a couple weeks ago, she wanted no part of it.

Brandon inquired last week why I was all of a sudden wanting her to walk so bad, when I didn’t care in the slightest before. My response?


All I have pictured since last Easter is my beautiful baby girl, in her smocked bunny attire, carrying a precious little basket, wearing cute little sandals, toddling across our yard, eggs rolling out of her basket. (Because I am certain it will be just that picture perfect. Real life always is.)

So, yeah. I all of a sudden realized how close we were to Easter and the sad reality that we actually might not have an egg-hunting baby kind of shattered my holiday vision.

But anyway, enough of all that. Leyton may be a super late walker, but her vocabulary makes up for it.

Last week, she said “bow” for the first time. And I felt like my work in raising a daughter was complete.

Jokes aside, I did feel quite accomplished hearing my daughter request her bow. Day. Made.

Last night, Brandon spent some time reading books to Leyton (her favorite activity), while I finished loading the dishwasher in the kitchen. I heard him exclaim, “Where did you learn that?! How do you know that?!”

Expecting she had just completed a backwards-double-handspring-somersault off the top of the couch (do not ask me if such a thing exists), because that’s how crazy her climbing and tumbling antics have become, I joined them in the living room to see what was going on.

“She said duck!” Brandon yelled. “The book just fell open on the floor, on the duck page, and she said ‘Duck’. I didn’t even tell her what it was. How did she know that!?”

I was nearly as dumbfounded as he, as we do not discuss ducks in our house very often, nor do we have any ducks. It made sense when “dog” and “horse” were added to her vocabulary, as we own a dog, all our neighbors have horses, and we have western pictures of dogs and horses all over horse. Girl has been exposed, to say the least. But ducks? Not so much.

I did remember that Brown Bear, Brown Bear (her most favorite book) has a duck, but she hasn’t said “bear” yet, so I’m not sure that’s a factor.

Anyway, we have no idea where “duck” came from, but we’re awfully proud of it. She pointed out the duck several more times, and then later, I retrieved the book they were reading, and she said “dog”, “duck” and “horse”, without any prompting. I know we think she’s perfect, but we were pretty impressed.

That little event reminded me to tell Brandon of her latest sight recognition. She and I frequently read Goodnight Moon before bed. In the last week, she has started shouting out, “Uush!” when we get to the two pages with the ‘quiet old lady whispering ‘hush'”. I pretty much melt every time. However, I do not yet count “hush,” as a word, as she clearly doesn’t know what it means, since she shouts it. But the fact that she remembers that part of the book kind of amazes me. Since it was just a mere 12 months ago that all she could do was lie on her back and blankly stare at you.

With the addition of duck, her vocabulary now consists of the following, in order of their emergence:  bye-bye, yum, dog, uh-oh, Dixie, no, Da-da, Mama, horse, “aaaay” (yay), “day-dee” (baby), hat, cookie, fish, ball, “siiiie” (outside), “gook” (book), “shhhu” (shoe), bow, cow, “sassy” or “ah-cie” (paci), and now duck.


It’s a good life, y’all.


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