Roommate Reunion

by Katie on April 17, 2014

While Aggieland has changed drastically since I last called it home, that town will always feel a bit magical to me.

As previously mentioned, my sister and I met our other college roommates for a short, but sweet, little reunion. But not before Calli and I stopped for a little Freebirds on the way out of Houston to get us geared up for Aggieland.



And of course, in true Aggie fashion, as soon as all of us were checked into the hotel, we gathered at the Dixie Chicken. Because where else would a bunch of Old Ags go in the middle of the afternoon?


Allison and Leanne


Yes, this would be Leanne’s husband (otherwise known as our fifth roommate) sitting between the two Boyer sisters. Some things never change.

IMG_4427Robert, Allison’s husband, is newest to the group, and was the only non-roommate to make the trip. We welcomed him with open arms.

Following our afternoon trip to The Chicken, we had to walk across the street to commemorate the place all of this started taking shape:  the confines of Legett Hall, where Allison and I were assigned potluck roommates our freshman year at Texas A&M. I am certain we are one of few success stories in that regard.

IMG_4432Somehow, our idea to venture “just across the street” turned into a stroll all the way across campus. We walked through the recently renovated MSC, and then took a look at the Kyle Field construction. It doesn’t even have to be football season for that stadium to feel electrifying.

I do not know why you can't see any of our faces. You'll have to ask Robert about that. I do not know why you can’t see any of our faces. You’ll have to ask Robert about that.

We enjoyed a late night out with old friends, where all the same stories resurface, but we laugh at them just the same. And four of the six of us left the Northgate area next to campus that night absolutely terrified about our daughters one day attending college and prancing around town in, well, let’s say…not very modest clothing. In fact, I’m pretty sure Craig said he was going to go home and search for the closest convent. I wish I were joking. But it was that bad, y’all. Anyway, on with the trip…

After a fun night catching up, we met for the continental breakfast in the lobby to say our goodbyes and part ways.


Once again, I do not know why the lighting is so poor. You'll have to ask the 13-year-old girl we ambushed at the elevator to take this picture for us. Once again, I do not know why the lighting is so poor. You’ll have to ask the 13-year-old girl we ambushed at the elevator to take this picture for us.

And then, Craig and Leanne headed home to pick up their babies for church. Calli, Allison and Robert gathered to attend Mass at St. Mary’s, and I was off on my lonesome to worship at my college church home, A&M United Methodist.


And let me tell you, walking through those doors again, I was so thankful to have been blessed to have such a wonderful church home while I was a student there. There were families I recognized, just with much bigger kids, and I still felt so at home being back there. But the best part was the encouragement I received by worshipping alongside so many current students, and the many others I passed on Church Street as I pulled into the parking lot, all flocking to their respective churches. It was a good feeling, especially after what we witnessed the night before.

Calli and I met back up after church, grabbed a quick lunch at one of our favorite barbeque joints, and then hit the road to get back home to our own babies. And relieve our poor parents.

It was a lovely little Aggieland adventure, but walking in the door to my parents’ house and taking over this job from my dad just couldn’t be beat:

IMG_4461 Class of ’07, Class of ’35


Gig ’em, y’all.


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