Cousin love

by Katie on April 16, 2014

Leyton enjoyed some quality cousin time a couple weekends ago when we made our last minute, whirlwind trip to the Lone Star state.

We were greeted at the airport by my mom and my sister. My mom loaded Leyton up in my sister’s van and took her home to join her three cousins, for a total of four kids three and under in my parents’ care for the next 24 hours. I would not have signed up for that job, but my mom was pretty excited on Saturday. (By Sunday morning, her excitement had waned drastically.)

IMG_4417 IMG_4419

My sister and I then hopped in our mom’s little car and zipped off to College Station to meet up with our college roommates for some baby-free fun in Aggieland. It was the first time any of us had seen each other in almost a full year, and being back in our stomping grounds together was quite the treat. But that’s all another story.

Anyway, Leyton had tons of cousin fun, and warmed up quite a bit to Cousin Ainsley compared to the last time they were together. Ainsley is such a little lover, and Leyton…well, Leyton has a bubble. But this time, Ainsley did better at respecting the bubble, and Leyton was much more tolerant when she didn’t.

Playing with sweet, happy Addison. Who doesn't get in her bubble. Playing with sweet, happy Addison. Who doesn’t get in her bubble.

Apparently, my child’s sleeping habits were much appreciated by my parents. Anticipating her to sleep well, my mom stashed her in their large, walk-in closet, so she wouldn’t be disrupted. A good move, since she was up at the crack of 9am Texas time (the equivalent of her normal 7am Arizona wake-up time), while her cousins were running wild at 5:30am. However, the diapers our little stinker produced were not as appreciated. My parents essentially only had her from when she woke at 9am until we returned, around 2pm. In that time, she managed to fill four diapers. I do not know what they fed her for supper the night before. In my dad’s words, “Every time we turned around, one of ’em had dirty pants!” Which is a chance you take with four babies under 3.5.

I ended up with approximately 67 takes of this same picture right before Leyton and I loaded up in Ole’ Ted’s Lincoln to head off to the airport the next day. Of course, a different baby looks cute in each one of them, but I finally narrowed down a couple that will do.

IMG_4509 IMG_4481


Let’s just say, from the looks of it, Leyton does not appear to be upset with her only-child status:

IMG_4498 IMG_4501

Thanks for the fun, sweet cousins!

And thanks to Ole Ted and his Lincoln for the airport shuttle:



A short, but super sweet, little visit to the swampland!




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