Chitter chatter

by Katie on April 22, 2014

I promise that one day soon I will stop talking about Leyton’s new words. But that day is not today.

She is pretty much at the point where she mimics at least one thing we say every day. Something I am trying to make sure her daddy is keenly aware of as he chooses his words these days.

She has perfected the word “outside” now and makes that request all day long. On Easter, after we received a picture of her cousins, I was repeating all their names to her. For some reason, Theodore is the one she chose to attempt to say. She got out a pretty good “duh-dore” – enough to impress this mama anyway.

New words in the past week include: water, cup, chair, “nana” (banana), bubble, Hi!, “mo” (more, as she signs it), “ia-per” (diaper), and my personal favorite, yesterday’s “money”.

I still had a minute or two left of work to do when she got up from her nap yesterday afternoon, so she spent that time on my lap while I attempted to navigate the Internet and wrestle an alligator at the same time. One of the things I had to do was check a deposit from a customer, so I told her, “Let’s see if we got the money.” And she repeated “nunny”. So of course, I had to capture this word on video to send to her good-as-broke-now daddy.

Love her so!


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