Making her mama proud

by Katie on March 14, 2014

Well, can I just say my work here is done?

Because that’s about how accomplished I felt yesterday morning when our little lady, who already had her bow on for the day mind you, came to me in frustration (after failing to accomplish it on her own) requesting insisting that I adorn her head with a second bow.


Thatta girl.

Hopefully everything I teach her is carried out with as much enthusiasm (keep dreaming, Mama).

Really, this is just the latest little incident of our baby becoming not so much of a baby anymore. She routinely requests for shoes to be placed on her feet, bows on her head (or she wears them draped over the back of her neck if she’s feeling independent), pants on her legs or sunglasses on her face.

She learns a new word about every week, and knows far more words than she can say. The best example of this? Outside. She can’t say it yet, but if you tell her that’s where we’re going, she lights up like nobody’s business and often sets out in a crawl-sprint to the door.

We are both convinced the best part of parenthood is seeing her little wheels turning as she figures things out in her little world. Two bows and all.



Also, completely unrelated other than the fact she was still wearing her two bows, but can we talk about how frustrating sorting shapes can be?


Leyton loves her little shape sorting toy. It is almost always the first thing she drags off the cubby shelf in her little play area (hallway between our bedrooms). But now that she gets that the shapes actually go through the holes in the lid, it doesn’t take long to lead to this when she can’t find the right one.

Eventually, she resorts to throwing the shapes and finds a new toy. We won’t discuss which parent likely provided the genetics for that level of frustration.


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