Where did February go?

by Katie on February 19, 2014

I’m really not sure if more than half a month has ever passed so quickly. This weekend, we were both wondering where it all went.

The very beginning of the month, we had just kicked a construction crew out of our house after three months, hosted my parents, best friend and her husband in our house, celebrated Leyton’s Baptism and fried fish for her birthday bash (details to come) with quite a few friends. In the midst of all that, we were remembering my MeMe, who died two days before Leyton’s birthday (the morning after my parents arrived out here, no less). This also meant that after just a couple days of recovering from guests and partying, and tying up a few work things, we headed to Texas for a few days for her memorial service. Last week just passed us right on by, with trying to play catch-up with work and generally restoring order to our lives.

In the interest of full disclosure, I had a bit of a mini-breakdown the night before we left for Texas. I just reached a point where I was a little lot overwhelmed with everything. Between sobs (yes, sobs), I told Brandon, “I’m just ready for everything to be normal again!”

He quickly reminded me that in our lives, “normal” typically does not exist. “After this, it’s just going to be something else that comes up,” he said.

In defense, I told him, “Yeah, but at least it will just be farm stuff. It won’t be remodeling half our house, a giant party, and an out-of-state funeral, all in the middle of my busy work time.”

And now that we’re in the midst of our first “normal” week of work, I have cleaned up a lot of what was on my plate, but we’ve had two machines break down in our hay harvest. I am feeling much better, but I think the farmer may disagree.

But really, where did this month go!?


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