All in a day’s work

by Katie on February 20, 2014

I mentioned how we were basically kicking out a construction crew as we were welcoming house guests. Well, knowing I would never be able to whip our house back to guest-ready shape on my own with the three inches of construction dust left behind, we hired some cleaning help. We finished moving all the furniture in our house back to its proper place mere hours before she arrived. Actually, make that minutes. Because Brandon had the contractor (who was still here) help him lift the last piece as  this poor woman was walking in the door.

For the life of me, I do not know how she did not jump at the sight of things and run away from us. But I did break up the job for her and have her focus mostly on the areas our guests would inhabit. I still feel like it was a pretty overwhelming job.

That evening, Brandon and I were talking about how the day went with her. Brandon said, “Poor woman. Did she say it was the most awful house she ever saw?”

“No, she didn’t say that. Actually she said we have a very nice home.” [Pause…] “As she was leaving. She did not say that when she got here.”


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