When you don’t know your worms

by Katie on January 27, 2014

I am officially going “all-out” for the fishing-themed first birthday bash taking place at our house next weekend. The mother-in-law has made “bobber” cake pops, the mother has made stuffed burlap fish, and I have ordered live worms on the Internet.

My worms arrived over the weekend, much to the surprise of my mail-receiving brother-in-law when UPS handed him a box with “Live Animal” stamped all over it.

It took a couple more days for the worms to actually make it home, since the farmer is a little forgetful on such matters come quittin’ time.

But when he finally looked at them? I received a phone call…

“Hey Katie, you know you ordered mealworms, right? Not earthworms?”

“I don’t know what means. I typed in ‘live fishing worms’ on Amazon and ordered the one that could get here the fastest.”

“Well, you ordered mealworms. Which is more like a bug than a worm. They are tiny. Kids will not be able to find them in your worm dig. You needed nightcrawlers. People who buy these have a fish tank they feed them to; they do not go fishing with them.”

Now, I never knew my husband possessed this level of worm knowledge. But I guess it makes sense, since, you know, he grows plants for a living. Turns out I should have consulted him before I made my worm purchase.

So now, friends, we are six days ’til D-day (party day) with a bucket full of no-good worms in the laundry room refrigerator.


Amazon, you failed me this time.



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