So long, hunting season

by Katie on January 20, 2014

Well, this hunting season is officially in the books for the Leisters following Brandon’s return home at 12:30am today.

I am quite happy to ditch my Hunting Widow status at this point.

I am a good sport and completely supportive and in agreement my hard working farmer fully deserves time away for his favorite past time…but let me just tell you, this mama is ready to have her family back together for good…until October, anyway.

I am also more than ready for my phone call log to return to two calls per day, rather than the 30 I fielded each day Brandon was gone to get hay trucks loaded. Just so that I can actually tackle the mountain of my own work that has accumulated. We are most definitely a team when it comes to what we do, and it’s so much better when both team members are fully present.

Leyton has yet to really be reunited with her favorite person, but I am certain she will be thrilled when she is. We have one picture frame in particular that has some close-up photos of a few family members, which is the first place she started saying “Da-da.” Every time we would pass by that frame, she would frantically begin pointing and saying, “Da-da! Da-da!” As the past two weeks, largely with home gone, wore on, she is now doing that at every picture we pass through the house. I think she’s looking for him to rescue her.

Brandon missed Leyton’s newest word this weekend: “Uh-oh!”

He says he’s not believing it until he hears it, and I can’t wait for him to hear it. She said it for the first time Saturday afternoon when she dropped her cup at snack time, and I about died. I do not even mind the eleventy-billion times a day she drops things if I get to hear that sweet little “Uh-oh!” after each one.

So yes, the Leister ladies are more than happy to have the great white hunter home…until fishing season.

[And hopefully now that he’s home I will have more content. Since he says the blog content he provides is half the reason I keep him.]


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