Eleven months

by Katie on January 3, 2014

I’m not quite sure why, but eleven months sounds SO much older than ten months to me. Maybe because it means our baby girl is only 31 days away from her first birthday. I really never imagined myself to be one of “those” people who was a little sad to see their baby’s babyhood slip away, but I’m finding myself clinging just a bit more to every ounce of “baby” left in our baby lately.

I’m sure this will happen with every passing month from here on, but I think we would both agree that ten months has by far been our favorite age. Leyton was still very much a baby, with all the sweet innocence that comes with that, but just seemed to “grow up” and interact so much more this month. She’s really starting to make “words” or, really, sounds that mean things, and we are just eating it up.

But first, a little recap…

I am really kicking myself right now for not carving out a few minutes to jot down her notables at ten months, because when I looked back at her nine month post, I can hardly believe how much has happened since then. The biggest changes between nine and ten months were probably in the areas of teeth and eating. By ten months, she was eating our “family meals” (nothing specially prepared just for her, except for maybe an extra vegetable for the two of us her daddy won’t eat). She had also mastered the squeeze pouch, which has come in handy on more than one occasion when we were pressed for time or convenience, or she needed a little extra nutrition. She also became a lot more “verbal” that month. Along with her first word, she began making her own sounds for things like, “Duh-duh-duh” when she saw a dog and lots of other jabbers.

And now, for her eleventh month…

About a week or so after her ten month birthday, she began to point at things. At first, I thought this was maybe the cutest thing I had ever seen, until we ventured into public and I realized that pointing at everything meant point at everyone. Yes, I realize she’s a baby and this kind of thing is excused, but it’s still not the most comfortable encounter.

About this same time, I noticed she was using her pincer grip perfectly when she was eating. So maybe that pointer finger just did all kinds of developing at ten months?

Something very small that seems so “big” to me is that I all of a sudden noticed one day a few weeks ago that she now “helps” you dress her. As in, she reaches to put her arm through her sleeves for you, even if she may be in a screaming fit about having to get dressed.

Leyton also began “barking” back at Dixie while we were outside. I am not even joking, y’all. We would walk outside, she would say, “Duh-duh-duh” when she saw Dixie, Dixie would begin to bark, and Leyton would point and say, “Ooh-ooh-ooh.” Just kill me with the cuteness now.

I also count “Da-da” as an official word now. Brandon’s not quite convinced, but he sure does light up when she says it in front of him. She consistently waves for “Hi” and “Bye” and the “words” sound similar for them. The only other thing I would classify as a “word” is the “Uuummm” sound she makes if you say “Yum!” while she’s eating. So maybe it’s not the most extensive vocabulary, but we’re sure loving it anyway.

She’s also a big clapper. If you say “Yea!” when she does something, she claps for herself. If we are at a performance and everyone begins clapping, she joins them. It gets her lots of attention, which I am convinced is the reason she has taken to it so much.

She loves other kids. Babies, big kids, doesn’t matter. Hopefully this is a good sign for her social life. She literally lights up when we get around other kids, and if they pay her any attention, she just can’t get enough.

As far as mobility, she can now outrun Grandma Mary with her crawl-speed. She pulls up on anything and everything, reaches on her tip-toes for anything in sight, and has fairly good balance when she briefly lets go of whatever she’s holding onto while standing. She refuses to “walk” along holding onto your fingers. Like, refuses. Will have none of it. Screams at you, plops down on her bottom, and crawls away. Fine by me. She will walk along behind a doll “stroller”/walker she received for Christmas from Nana and Papa. So, not surprisingly, anything our girl does is on her own terms.

She is super sweet and happy and loves people, but she also knows exactly what she wants and is determined to get it if it’s anything she has any sort of control over. I don’t think we have to worry about this one being a pushover.

She has always liked mirrors, but just a few days ago, she began really watching how the hand in the mirror was perfectly following hers as she slowly moved it back and forth. Watching the little wheels turn in that pretty little head is something that will never, ever get old.

She carries anything and everything around with her as she travels, usually something in each hand, and flips her lid if you remove one of those objects from her firm little grasp.

Eating is still going well. We found out over the holidays that she’s a big fan of ham. Avocado continues to be one of her favorites. She previously wasn’t a huge fan of eggs, but has recently taken a liking to them. She was a big fan of watermelon this past month, and broccoli is probably her favorite vegetable. I haven’t found anything she consistently refuses yet, but there are plenty of things she eats heartily one day, then hardly touches the next. We just keep offering everything and providing balanced meals and let it all sort itself out. A big change in the last couple weeks is that she was introduced to sweets. I’ll let you guess who started that. She has now tried donut, oatmeal cookie, cheesecake pudding and a Happy Birthday, Jesus! red velvet cupcake. In true Leister fashion, she loved them all. So let’s just hope her daddy’s metabolism comes along with his sweet tooth.

We did have some sickness this month, right before Christmas no less, which was no fun. Let me tell you, a 105 degree fever gets the attention of a pair of first time parents. But we can check “first flu” off our list of firsts, and everyone is recovered, so all is well. We just had a pretty pathetic baby girl on our hands for a couple days.

Once again, we are just continually filled with thankfulness for the blessing of this sweet girl.

Some highlights of our month:















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