The best of 2013 edition

by Katie on December 31, 2013

Well, since I spent the entire latter part of the year not recording our antics for posterity, it was much simpler to formulate this list this year.

Of course, this one event trumps them all:

Leyton’s birthday

And is a big reason why I’ve been MIA here. I never really caught all the way up with work post-baby. It was a good thing a was pretty much a work rock star in the couple months leading up to her birth, because I most definitely was not after it. And when you’re in charge of providing the numbers so tax planning can take place for a farm, …well, let’s just say that can be a bit of a problem in November and December if you’re not prepared ahead of time. Not to mention my girl and I swapped the flu right before Christmas. Or that we completely gutted my kitchen the day we returned from Thanksgiving in Texas and still have not completed that project.

But anyway, enough of all that. Short story:  we’ve had some things going on lately.

Back to the list, in no particular order.

Related to Leyton, we have:

Mr. Mom

Parental baptism

Of course, her “monthly” posts are some of my favorites too, but probably not for the general public.

And then, the list for the “just so typically Brandon they must be remembered” category:

The king of analogies

In case of emergency

The origin of bleu cheese

The cost of a healthy self esteem

And, finally, because candy bars seemed to a theme in our house for 2013:

Misadventures in grocery shopping


It is safe to say 2013 was good to us.

Cheers to 2014 – Happy New Year!



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