She speaks!

by Katie on November 14, 2013

Leyton has been quite full of the baby babble for quite some time now, and has even been making the “ma-ma” and “da-da” sounds quite a bit. But that is what they have been: sounds. Not actual words.

But, as of early this week, we officially have a first word.

And, it just so happens to be the same as her Mama’s first word: Bye!

It all started over the weekend, when she finally waved “bye” for the first time. Y’all. This kid has been clapping her hands like crazy for probably two months now. But waving? I received a blank stare every time we tried to work on that skill. And then, finally, we were leaving Brandon’s grandma’s house Saturday night, and waved “bye” to her uncle, grandma and great-grandma.

Just a few nights later, we had another family dinner, and Grandma walked out with Leyton and me. After I got her properly fastened in her car seat, we both began coaxing her to wave “bye” to her grandma. Just about the time we were going to give up, she finally waved. And gave us a little bonus. Because the sweetest little voice you ever did hear accompanied her wave with a little “Bye!”

And my life was made. Right there.

But, I didn’t want to really jump to conclusions that she had actually said what I heard, so I tried to get her to repeat it. And she did. Two more times. Finally, after that sweet little word had escaped her lips for the third time, I looked at her grandma and asked, “Is she really saying that!?”

Because I couldn’t really believe it. But Grandma confirmed.

That night, after Brandon got home (he stayed at the family supper later than Leyton’s bedtime), I told him all about his daughter’s first word. But he didn’t believe me.

And so, the next morning as he was leaving for work, we both tried to coax Leyton into saying and waving “bye” to her daddy. She was a bit focused on her breakfast, and by the time I actually got her attention, she said “Bye” loud and clear…just as Brandon was shutting the door behind him.

Now, of course, I had to have some proof for the doubting daddy.

So as soon as breakfast was over, I captured this sweet little video:

And Daddy believed.


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