Mr. Mom

by Katie on November 2, 2013

This past month, eight full months after we became parents, Brandon finally had his first time alone with Leyton, where he was the parent in charge.

I worked an event at our church where I had to arrive at 6:30am, which meant leaving my house at 6 – a full hour before our girl gets up for the day. Since we’re slowing down a bit on the farm, and I would be finished by 8:30 and home by 9, I asked Brandon if he could just do some office work that morning.

It all worked out, so that was the plan. Before I left, I prepared Leyton’s bottle and set out her breakfast food. Feeding her and changing her wet overnight diaper were going to be his only “duties” – other that night, it was just a bit of playtime until I arrived back home. I wished him well and reminded him to retrieve her from her crib at 7, and headed out.

At exactly 8:35, after my shift ended, I made my way to the car, and checked my silenced phone. Sure enough, I had missed a call from Brandon at 8:27. I promptly returned it, wondering if something came up at the farm and he was just letting me know they had left the house.

Oh no…

I was greeted with, “Are you coming home yet?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Okay. Good. Good answer,” he said.

“Why? Has it been bad? Surely she hasn’t been hard,” I said. I was puzzled by his relief at my return because, frankly, we do not have a difficult baby by any means. She is on a good schedule and is usually very happy.

“Yes, it has,” he said.

“What is going on? I mean, she’s only been awake an hour-and-a-half,” I said.

“Actually, I didn’t go get her until 7:20. She wasn’t really making any noise, so I left her in there.”

Me:  Okay, so it’s only been an hour then.”

“Well, it really hasn’t been bad. It’s just that I can’t do anything else! I’m only half dressed. I haven’t eaten any breakfast myself. Every time I turn around, she’s getting into something she shouldn’t, or finding something on the floor to put in her mouth. I can’t turn my back for a second!” he said, all in a hurry.

And I just laughed. This was his emergency. This was what I called daily life.

We ended the call with him saying how much he appreciated what I do, which was nice of him. And I made it home to rescue him from the throes of caring for an eight-month-old mobile, curious baby.

Let’s just say I don’t believe we will be switching roles on the farm anytime soon.

Amd to be clear, Brandon loves every second he spends with his baby girl, and absolutely adores her. He just prefers for someone else to be around too.


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