Five on Friday: First edition

by Katie on November 15, 2013

So, there’s been this little huge link-up going on, but I’ve never actually “participated” in the realm of blogging, just captured our little stories for posterity. But, since I can’t seem to get many stories on here lately, I decided the little “Five on Friday” game may be good to give a little glimpse into what we’ve been doing lately.

1. Hunting

We kicked off hunting season this year with my hunt (and Leyton’s first hunt!), which I briefly mentioned a few weeks ago. But that hunt deserves much, much more than a brief mention. I harvested an awesome buck.


I’m slowly working on the full story, and hope to have it completed for our hunting friends soon. A good portion of my time since then has been spent as a hunting widow. We have a couple weeks “off” from hunts, then Brandon will be back out with his dad. Normally, I would have tagged along for more of these, but I have a sweet little reason to stay home rather than traipse the Arizona outdoors with my mountain goat of a husband this year.

2. Bed head

It took quite some time, but our sweet (yet just-more-than-bald) girl finally woke up with her first case of bed head this week.

IMG_3243 IMG_3244








Yes, I realize it’s quite a stretch to recognize as actual bed head, but trust me on the fact that every little wispy strand she has was standing straight out in the back. And she looks like a boy here because she was sporting some jammies that represented her daddy’s alma mater.

3. Climbing

Oh my goodness. Girlfriend is on the move. And let me just say, In. To. Every. Thing. (Yes, each word needed to be split in half for emphasis.) This week, she’s been very much into testing her boundaries. Attempting to climb into/onto things; standing on her tip-toes and making a desperate reach for anything within fingertip range. Which means very little is accomplished during her waking hours, other than pulling her away from/off of/out of things. The island in our current kitchen has open shelves, which she discovered makes an excellent crawlspace, once you remove everything from the shelf.


Which brings me to my next item…

4. Kitchen

Our contractor is beginning actual work on my new kitchen next week. This project has been years in the making, and should make a huge difference. I’m knocking out an entire wall in our house to open things up (and give me a better visual of the daredevil baby). Also? The crawlspace above will be gone, as will numerous other non-baby-friendly things we have in there right now. And I will have roughly triple my current kitchen cabinets. Excited is a severe understatement. But I’m also really nervous. Brandon didn’t provide much input at all on the entire project, so as the construction date draws near, I’m getting pretty anxious about some of my decisions.

5. No-pants pants

My sister-in-law recommended these Zella Move 2 Shorts. Since she’s got a pretty good eye for things like this, I ordered a pair. While they are a bit more “breezy” and shorter in length than I typically prefer for workout clothing, they may be the most comfortable thing I currently own. And they provide such a great range of motion for things like squats and other “big-movement” type workout moves. Also? We both decided they kind of feel like you’re not wearing pants at all. Which is comfortable, yet not comforting.


And that is what is going on around here. Exciting times at the Leister house, let me tell you.


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