Fashion and the farmer

by Katie on November 24, 2013

It rained this past weekend. Two whole days of damp, drizzly, gray skies.

While I was not happy about this related to the farm, after everything had been thoroughly soaked and ruined, I did find a bright spot.

I would be able to wear my new Hunter wellies that had been lying in waiting in my closet for two weeks (after I debated for nearly two months on which color to purchase). So, Friday morning, after CrossFit and a shower, I was thrilled to put on some leggings, a super-soft Texas tee, and my “feather blue” (dark teal) colored Hunter boots.

Brandon, however, was less than thrilled with my new footwear. And when we decided to make a little family outing, he asked multiple times if I really intended to wear that outfit in public. When I proudly proclaimed that yes, indeed, I fully planned to prance around town in my blue boots and was excited about it, he nearly changed his mind on accompanying us. No joke. (I know, he has no appreciation for the finer things in life.)

So then, when we did finally all make it to the car to leave, he said, “So, how long have you owned those boots that you had to wait for the first rainy day we’ve had in four months?”

“Only a week or two,” I answered, truthfully.

“Well, I want to know who sold them to you,” he said, “Because I want to hire them. Because anyone who can sell a giant pair of rain boots to a girl who lives in the desert when it was 85 degrees outside should be able to sell anything.”

Now, he should have known they were purchased online, like everything else I buy. But the point he made was quite humorous.

So you can only imagine how thrilled I am the Texas Thanksgiving week forecast includes rain. I’m sure Brandon won’t mind me trotting through the airport in my Hunters at all.


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