What do I do with her?

by Katie on October 9, 2013

Every morning that Brandon is around for breakfast after Leyton gets up for the day, he has the same dilemma.

Typically, when she moves to the “finger food” portion of her breakfast, I begin cleaning up the kitchen (I eat before they get up). When we’re alone in the mornings, Leyton gets moved to her exersaucer (in the kitchen) when she finishes eating, whether she likes it or not, until I finish cleaning up and/or doing some dishes. But when Brandon has joined her for breakfast, he usually scoops her up from her highchair when they both finish, and takes her off to play for a bit, look at pictures of dead animals on his computer, or just walk around the house.

And then one of two things happen, depending upon the day:

  1. He simply begins following me around everywhere (with Leyton in his arms) as I put food away, move laundry or wash dishes. Like the “nipping at the heel” kind of following, where I bump clean into them every time I turn around.
  2. He approaches me (with Leyton in his arms) and says something like, “Okay, I’ve got to go to work now,” or “I’m running late,” or some other vague phrase, when what he’s really saying is “Take the baby.”

And every time this happens, I just look at him and say, “Okay,” as in, “What’s the problem here?”

And he says, “Well, I’ve got Baby.” And again, I say, “Okay,” with the same meaning.

And then, like this doesn’t happen every day, or the only place she can be is in the arms of one parent or the other, he says, “Well, what do I do with her?”

“Put her down,” I say, all the while wondering how much cognitive capacity it requires to come up with that solution.

“Where?” he asks. And depending upon our location, I say “In the excersaucer,” “On the floor,” or “On the mat with her toys,” with the previous thought still swimming in my head.

Writing this all down, I have newfound humor in the entire situation, especially given that it was not a one-time occurrence. This is literally the scene in our house maybe four or five mornings a week (unless it’s a hay baling week). I’m not sure if the concept of “putting the baby down” is lost on him, or if he just feels awful doing it, but it’s quite the production.

Bless it all, y’all. Bless it all.


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