Sally pins

by Katie on October 9, 2013

Last night, we were settling into bed, and I realized I still had four bobby pins stuck in my hair. Knowing they would either a) get uncomfortable or b) get lost in the bed during the night, I retrieved them and asked Brandon to set them on his nightstand when he put his phone away (since we was still using it to see how many likes his Instagram post had received, ahem).

When he finally took them from me, he said, “What are these anyway?”

“My bobby pins,” I answered.

Bobby pins?” he said, “Why not ‘Sally pins’?”

“What!?” I said, wondering who on earth questions the name given to the bobby pin.

…My husband, apparently.

When I started laughing, he just said, “It’s really not funny. Really. Why aren’t they Sally pins?”

Which only made me laugh harder. Finally, I asked him what his deal was with insisting they should be Sally pins.

“Ok. Susie pins? Cheri pins? Fred? Why Bobby?”

I don’t even know…


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