Knock, knock

by Katie on October 22, 2013

Who’s there?

Oh, you know, just some family friends. From Texas.


Yesterday evening, my mom’s lifelong best friend (from Texas, let me remind you) knocked on my door.

Not really.

But she did send a text message at 2pm, saying she would be knocking on my door at 6pm. When I had no idea she was even on the western end of the United States.

After the initial panic ensued, followed by a 45 minute cleaning frenzy (because the only time you have surprise visitors is when your house is in no shape for them, am I right?), we were very happy to welcome them to our little corner of the desert.

And they got a good half hour of playtime with Leyton before she royally melted down for bedtime. It was of no fault of her own. At that point, it has approaching 20 minutes past her bedtime, and she caught a glimpse of her bottle before she had been changed into her PJs. But Aunt Linda Ann got some good snuggles while she had her bedtime bottle.

And that’s a good thing, because we (Brandon and I) were certainly not the reason they stopped to visit.

After a few text messages were exchanged, confirming we really were going to have out of state guests in a matter of a few hours, I called to relay some details. Linda Ann’s main concern had been what time Leyton went to bed at night. While we were talking, she said, “We didn’t tell you about coming before because we weren’t sure what time we would be passing through and if it would work to see Leyton.”

To which I replied, “Yeah, because it wouldn’t be worth the stop just to visit with us if you couldn’t see her.” You know, making a joke and razzing her a bit about it.

But she just laughed. And did not retract her earlier statement.

That’s okay. We are well aware of who the star of the show is around here now. And we agree, so we can’t really give anyone else a hard time about it.

So yes, we had last minute Texas visitors last night. And it had to be documented since our visitor is our most loyal blog follower. Sadly, we only took pictures with her phone, so I don’t have visual documentation.

But thanks for stopping, Linda Ann. Even if it wasn’t to enjoy our company!

Updated with documentation:



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