In case of emergency…

by Katie on October 16, 2013

Do not call my husband.

This little event actually happened awhile back (the Friday before Labor Day, to be exact), but I was just reminded of it last night while we chatted with some friends.

Labor Day weekend was the weekend we met up with my family in Tulsa for a grand Boyer Family Reunion, hosted by my hip great-aunt. We were scheduled to depart Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix around 3pm Saturday.

Friday night, right after we climbed into bed and got settled, I noticed something strange.

“Brandon, I think I smell something funny,” I announced, while I was still trying to figure out exactly what it was that didn’t seem right.

“I don’t smell anything. Let’s go to sleep,” he said.

But I knew something wasn’t right. “No, really,” I said, “Something smells funny.” And then I figured out what the “funny” smell was. It was the slight hint of something burning. “Brandon, it smells like something is burning,” I said.

So then he actually took a big whiff of the air, and said, “Yeah, it does.”

…And then he rolled over, buried under the covers.

“What are you doing!?” I exclaimed.

“Going to sleep,” he answered, without a care in the world.

Y’all, I could not make that up. Who agrees something is burning in their house, then rolls over to go to sleep!?

Apparently, my husband does.

“We can’t just go to sleep!” I said. “Brandon, something is BURNING in our HOUSE. With our BABY sleeping in the next room. We don’t even know if we have a working smoke detector right now – we keep just taking them down when the battery goes out. We cannot just go to sleep! Not to mention, we’re leaving town tomorrow for the whole weekend. I do not want to come home to a burned-down house. We are not going to sleep!”

[Sidebar:  Why do smoke detectors only go out at some awful hour in the middle of the night when you most definitely will not be replacing them?]

So he sighed, resigning that his Mama Bear wife was not going to let this one go (because, um, who would!?), and reluctantly climbed out of bed. I think he thought that if he just appeared to make an attempt to inspect things I would be satisfied. So me made a quick walk-through in the house, declared nothing was on fire, and tried to go back to bed.

Maybe I’m the only one who considers a burning smell in the house to be an urgent matter?

“Brandon, seriously, if we don’t figure out what is burning in our house, I’m calling the fire department to come inspect it. There is no way I can just go to sleep without figuring this out.”

My threat to call the fire department worked, or at least let him know I was really not giving in on this one. I told him that it sure seemed like the smell was coming into our room from the direction of the air vent, and we noticed that certain rooms/areas of the house smelled stronger than others. With this information, he determined it was some sort of electrical fire related to the AC unit, and the smell eventually resided, leaving him to believe whatever it was had burned out, and he was able to effectively convince me he knew what was going on and we were no longer in harm’s way. Looking back, I probably should have further questioned the judgment of a man who wanted to sleep while his house was burning, but at the time, whatever he said was convincing enough.

So, you’ve been warned. Brandon Leister does not find burning smells in houses to be emergency situations.

Turns out, we came home from the airport on Labor Day to a broken AC unit. Fun times.

But that’s another story for another day.


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