And so it begins

by Katie on October 24, 2013

As I have mentioned, Brandon has been saying, basically since the day Leyton was born, that he will never be able to say “No,” to our daughter.

And I keep telling him he better learn.

Because while I don’t mind at all being the “mean” parent, I do hope, for the sake of our daughter’s future relationships, that she isn’t entirely catered to her entire life.

Well, it’s looking like I may indeed be on my own for that.

This morning, Brandon dropped by the house between farm jobs, and as he was leaving once again, hollered back, “Oh yeah, I’m going to buy a tractor. Have I asked you about that? Well, too bad really, because I’ve already decided. I’m buying it.”

Now, since “buying a tractor” isn’t generally on our list of daily activities on our small farm, and usually leans more toward a well-thought-out and planned purchase, I was quite taken off guard. Especially since we hadn’t even discussed a need for another tractor at the moment.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I said, “A tractor? Do we need another tractor right now? Why are getting a tractor? Is is to replace the Mudder?” [“The Mudder” being the first tractor we ever purchased on our own, and one Brandon has talked some about replacing in the past year, but never really committed to doing so.]

“I’m getting it because it has the extra little seat. For Leyton to ride,” he said.

“Um, I really hope you have another reason, preferably a more business-oriented one, for purchasing a tractor,” I said.

“Nope, it’s for Leyton,” he said.

So there you have it. Our eight-month-old (Nearly nine!…But that’s another story.) is getting a tractor.


[Leyton was not the sole reason for this purchase decision, but I guarantee she was a factor. Girl owns her daddy’s heart, I tell you. And he is so looking forward to taking her to work someday.]


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