The tides, they are a turnin’

by Katie on September 4, 2013

I may have mentioned a time or two (perhaps twenty) that Leyton has clearly preferred her Daddy since day one. I came to grips with it long ago, even with all of Brandon’s gloating regarding the situation.

I can’t lie, I would probably gloat a little if my daughter lit up every time I walked into the room too.

Well, as it turns out, I may get that chance after all.

Because in the past couple weeks, our daughter has finally begun to like me. Me, the person who has wiped, bathed, groomed, fed, entertained a large portion of the time and showered with love. Not that Brandon hasn’t entertained or showered our girl with love, but he most definitely hasn’t participated in very many other activities very often (this is not a complaint; just a statement of fact).

So here lately, when she started to actually reach for me, show a slight preference for being in my arms, and given me more big, gummy smiles, well…let’s just say I’ve enjoyed it a little bit.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s preferring her Mama yet, but I’ll settle with showing signs of likeness in the very least. I do believe there could be tide shift any day around here.

I’m not sure Daddy is all too happy about it though…

But Mama? Mama is loving it.


[Yes, I realize I will regret all of these words the day she begins to cling to me. But let me have my brief joy.]


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