Morning milkshake

by Katie on September 27, 2013

Wednesday morning, I made Brandon a smoothie for breakfast. (Don’t feel sorry for him. The day before, he had a monster egg sandwich with chilies, alongside sliced avocado and cut fresh fruit. Not to mention the sheer fact I am up early making his breakfast at all. With a joyful heart, of course.)

Anyway, in typical Brandon fashion, he took one drink of his fruit and yogurt smoothie and exclaimed, “Couldn’t you have put some ice cream in this thing or something!? The flavor is good, but it’s kind of weird to drink yogurt.”

Ice cream, y’all.

In a breakfast smoothie.

“You mean a milkshake?” I asked. Because that’s essentially what he was requesting.

Not to mention he had already had at least four mini candy bars as soon as he got out of bed. I don’t even know.

He ended up pouring his smoothie into some cereal to ward off his texture issues, but he was still bummed about the lack of ice cream at the breakfast table.

Bless it all if Leyton ends up with her daddy’s sweet tooth. But his metabolism? She better be hoping for that, for sure.


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