Little Brandon

by Katie on September 26, 2013

Several weeks ago, I was looking at a rare picture Brandon had taken of me with Leyton. I was studying both our faces, trying to find some feature or similarity that at least proved she was mine. I showed the picture to Brandon and asked him, “Does Leyton look just a little like me in this one picture?”

And he laughed at me. Because she looks so much like him that he and his grandma often call her “Little Brandon.”

“Why, do you want her to look like you?” he asked, still not answering my question. (Probably because we both knew the answer.)

“Well, maybe. I don’t know. What does it feel like?”

He paused for a bit, then broke into a big grin, and said, “It’s awesome.”

“Is it really? That good, huh?”

“Yeah. Because when she’s that beautiful, it makes you proud because you know she’s yours. But when she looks like you, you know when someone else sees her, even when you’re not around, they know she’s yours. And that’s awesome.”

So, apparently, having a Little Brandon is pretty awesome, y’all.



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