Glory Tuesdays

by Katie on September 25, 2013

Yesterday was my official Work Day. I do little things for work all week, but Tuesdays are my “make a big list and crank it out” days. But I think Brandon may refer to them as something more like Keep the Wife from Losing It Day.

What’s the big deal with Tuesdays, you ask? Every Tuesday, Leyton goes to a sitter. All day. Maybe I should also call it Glory Day? Regardless, the point of these magical Tuesdays is that Mama gets a full, uninterrupted work day. So important things can happen for our business, like collecting from customers and paying suppliers. Minor details.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Brandon came home for lunch on a Tuesday. I made his lunch, then quickly returned to my work station to get back to my to-do list.

“Hey, come sit and have lunch with me,” he said.

I had already eaten lunch, so that would mean I would only partake in the “sitting” portion. “Sitting” is not something there is time for on Tuesdays.

“Brandon, I don’t think we pay someone to keep our kid all day so I can have lunch with you,” I informed him.

“Katie, I’m pretty sure we pay someone to keep our kid all day as much for your sanity, as for you to get work done. Now come sit with me for five minutes.”

How do I argue with that? I mean, the man clearly has a good point.

Needless to say, I joined my husband while he scarfed down his lunch, which took a whole three minutes anyway.

Moral of the story:  no to-do list or several dollars to a babysitter outweighs a busy farmer husband who wants to spend five minutes with his wife. Thanks for the reminder, Dear. And also? Thank you for my Tuesdays. Our business and my sanity are both greatly appreciative.


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