Carrot fries

by Katie on September 24, 2013

So, yesterday evening, I roasted a bunch of mixed vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower), hoping to give Leyton some additional finger food options I could store and retrieve as needed. [Aside:  Hallelujah for the finger foods!] Despite following some directions for achieving baby-finger-food-roasted-vegetables, mine still weren’t really soft enough for the stage she’s in now.

Now, I had intended for Brandon and I to eat some of them with supper, but now we had a whole lot more on our plate, if you will. And at this point, we all know what a fan Brandon is of eating vegetables.

But last night, surprisingly without comment or complaint, he consumed every last vegetable from the heaping pile on his plate. To make sure this did not go unnoticed, at the end of the meal, he made mention of how he had eaten “all his vegetables, and all the fries.”

“I noticed,” I said, “I was impresed — wait, fries? There weren’t any ‘fries’ on your plate.”

After we both sat there puzzled a minute, I noticed the only thing he could have possibly thought was a “fry” on his plate.

“Are you talking about the carrots?” I asked, “Because there were roasted carrots on your plate. But no fries.”

“Oh,” he said. “Yeah, I just thought those were really mushy sweet potato fries.”

Hey, if that helps the farmer clean vegetables off his plate, we may have “carrot fries” more often.



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