An agronomy lesson

by Katie on September 19, 2013

Most of the time, it is highly beneficial to be married to farmer. Aside from one of your MOPS group members comparing you to Laura Ingalls (because, let’s face it, Katie Leister wouldn’t survive a single day with Laura Ingalls), it is also beneficial when you have a pesky weed in your yard that just won’t die, or when you need to know when and how to fertilize your yard to maintain the greenness I demanded upon agreeing to move to the desert.

But it can also be a bit annoying when he gloats in his plant knowledge.

Awhile back, we were discussing our lawn care, as we often do. I made mention of the fact that our backyard is really lush in the summer, but basically nonexistent in the winter.

A couple minutes later, I realized my statement was incorrect, “Oops, that was opposite,” I said, “It’s thick and green in the winter, not the summer.”

Brandon:  “Yeah, I knew what you meant.”

Katie:  “But you don’t even mow. How would you know how our grass grows?”

Brandon:  “Um, because I’m a farmer and I know how different plants grow during different times of the year.”

Oh, yeah. That.

At least he was nice about it and didn’t make a big deal out of my ignorance. Small victories.


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