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by Katie on August 30, 2013

So, I mentioned our failed attempt at attending morning church early this week. Then I talked about my stellar ability to run my car out of gas. Now, those two events will be tied together.

Friday was the day I ran out of gas. I didn’t drive anywhere else that day. Including a gas station.

Saturday, I had to haul hay at the last minute, so I drove to the farm and back. That trip is a total of 12 miles. Plus the one mile I initially drove home. All of this driving was at an average speed of probably 35 miles per hour, with many stop signs. Not the most fuel efficient driving, to say the least. Especially when your car has a maximum of 1.5 gallons of gas in it. The amount you would need to get home, solving the immediate need; then get to the gas station, solving the secondary need.

Let’s just say none of this really registered…

This chain of events brings us to Sunday morning. Or really, mid-day, since we weren’t even really going to one of the morning services, but the 11:30 one, since Brandon and Leyton both had to take morning naps. [It rained. This is what farmers do when it rains. Please note there is no Mama-nap in there; she was ironing and food-preparing for everyone else.]

Even after waking Leyton early from her nap to have her lunch before we could leave, we were still running pretty late by the time we got on the road.

One mile before we reached the turn to get on the freeway, Brandon (thankfully) glanced down to see that my low fuel warning was still blaring in orange letters.

“Katie, where have you driven since I put that gallon-and-a-half of gas in your car after you ran it past fumes and made my baby sweat in your hot car?” he calmly asked.

“To the farm and back,” I replied. “I kinda forgot about the gas thing.”

And with that, he turned off his blinker, and moved out of the turn lane to detour to the closest gas station.


By the time we filled up my nearly completely empty (once again) tank with gas, we realized we should just go back home and attend night church instead. Which also thrilled Brandon.

And as we were pulling out of the gas station and turning toward home, he said, “Well, at least you get another blog post out of all this.”




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