by Katie on August 11, 2013

So, apparently the only things my husband and I talk about or do together have to do with the baby or food. Because that’s all I seem to come up with to share.

Today? It’s food.

It must be perfectly clear by now that Brandon is not the healthiest of eaters. [Luckily, at this point, Leyton doesn’t seem to take after him. So far, the only foods she has actually liked are butternut squash, peas and green beans. The fruits, not so much.]

Anyway, one evening recently, steamed broccoli was served as a side dish. In our previous life (read:  pre-baby), I never would have served this food without a cheese sauce available for Brandon. But in our current life (read:  post-baby), there just isn’t always time for that type of accommodation for my grown husband.

Of course, Brandon filled his plate, then looked all over the kitchen, then announced, “Um, I don’t see the cheese sauce.” Needless to say, there wasn’t much broccoli eaten that night.

A week later, I had one of those ready-to-steam bags of cauliflower and broccoli in the refrigerator. The veggie drawer happened to be full at the time, so it had been stored in the cheese and meat drawer.

For some reason, Brandon was actually looking around in the refrigerator for himself one day, and found the veggie bag.

“What is this doing in the meat drawer?”

“Oh, that? I didn’t have room for it in the other one, so it had to go in there.”

“Oh, sure. I bet that’s what happened. I see what you’re trying to do. You were trying to trick me into eating it.”

“Um, because if you found a bag of broccoli in the meat drawer, you might accidentally eat it, thinking it was meat?”



As if all this wasn’t enough, the day I actually cooked that bag of veggies, I ended up roasting them, not steaming them. Chicken and eggplant parmesan was on the menu, so I roasted the vegetables with seasonings and topped with a bit of parmesan, thinking it would be the perfect side dish to accompany our Italian meal.

Still without cheese sauce, but topped with a bit of cheese, so I thought I was in the clear.

And you know what happened? He looked at that pan of roasted vegetables and actually said, “These look good,” and put quite a few on his plate.

But when the meal was over?

“Yeah, those looked better than they tasted. But good job, you almost tricked me into eating them with good presentation.”


Heaven help me when I have a toddler and a husband at mealtime.


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