Tough love

by Katie on August 9, 2013

So, I have confessed to all the ways in which I have caused bodily harm to our sweet daughter. Well, Brandon had his turn with the parent-guilt that accompanies injuring your child.

He had Leyton “working” with him in the office while I cleaned the kitchen.

All of a sudden, I heard, “Oh no, Baby! Oh Baby, I’m so sorry!”

…Followed by the most pitiful little cries you’ve ever heard.

So, naturally, following suit with how Brandon would react when faced with this situation, I hollered, “What did you do to her!?”

“I put her on my shoulders and ran her face right into my elk when we walked by,” he explained. “I did the same thing just yesterday, but this time it was much harder.”

The elk he is referring to is the giant elk shoulder mount hanging in our office. One he probably had to duck under passing by, but didn’t think about the added height of our daughter on his shoulders.

But the worst part? When actual, fat tears came spilling down her face. Don’t think for a second I let Brandon miss those.

Eventually, of course, Leyton was perfectly fine. A slight redness across her cheek, which should be fun to explain if it lingers…”Oh that? Yeah, we ran our baby into an elk.”

And now I think I should probably stop talking about all of our parental failures on the Internet.


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