Proud mama

by Katie on August 16, 2013

Leyton completed the first flight of her fourth round trip air travels yesterday. This time, we actually didn’t go to Texas (shame, I know). We’re off visiting Professor Aunt Amanda and enjoying non-scorching temperatures.

My little traveller was in excellent mood prior to boarding yesterday, kicking and arm-flailing and smiling for anyone who happened to pay her any attention:


In fact, as we were boarding the plane, a little more than halfway down the aisle, a gentleman boarding behind us leaned up to tell me she had made every single person we passed smile with her charming personality.

I said, “Well good, hopefully they will remember that if we have any issues.”

Despite her charms, the seat next to our precious baby was literally the last one chosen on the plane. I guess I can’t say literally the last, because it was the second to last seat filled on our completely full flight. But still, you get the idea. No one wanted to sit next to her, despite all her charms.

But what did our girl do when faced with this obvious snubbing?

She showed those folks, that’s for sure.

After smiling and being utterly adorable until takeoff, she flat conked out:


And nary a peep was heard until she woke up as we were landing, just in time to give them all second dose of happy baby babbles before we deplaned.

Couldn’t be more proud of my little traveller!

(Or more fearful of the return flight…)


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