One-half of one year

by Katie on August 2, 2013

Somehow, this happened today:


Never before has half a year been filled with so much laundry, so many full trash bags, pure exhaustion (the first month or two), so many tears on my part (hard to admit, but true), countless hours spent washing dishes, so few full course meals cooked, and so many bodily fluids (in terms of full disclosure). But it has also never been filled so much fun, love and sheer joy.

I tell everyone who asks, “Doesn’t time just go by so quickly!?” that indeed, “The weeks and months go very fast, but the days can definitely be long.” And it’s true. While I wouldn’t even think to trade our worst day with her for our best day before her, there are many a long day around here. But then you blink, and the entire week is gone; you blink again, and it’s time to pull another “monthly sticker” out of the drawer.

We can both be found sneaking into her room several times at night to “just get one last look” before we go to bed. And every single “last look” brings another round of amazement at her sweetness and pure beauty. There are so many moments in the day that can only be described as a feeling of overwhelming joy.

But enough of all that.

At six months, our girl is just coming around to eating solid foods (cereals and purees). We tried a time or two earlier, and it was very clear she wasn’t ready and had no interest. When we started our attempt just a few days ago, she seemed to take to them. And she clearly doesn’t have her daddy’s taste buds (aka sweet-tooth), because she liked peas much better than apples. On just her third time with them, she started grabbing the spoon herself and taking it straight to her mouth. Cutest thing ever.

She is definitely becoming a little mover and shaker. This is probably the biggest change this month. She is so strong, and loves to be held in a standing position. She is never in the same place at the end of naptime or in the morning that she was left in when we placed her in the crib. She spends much more time rolling and scooting herself off the playmat than playing under it. [Sad day. That thing was a lifesaver!] Pretty much the instant you place her on the floor, she rolls to the opposite side. It is much easier to hand her a toy to keep her occupied for a few minutes, as she actually grabs and holds them for a bit now, instead of immediately dropping them, which is quite convenient, especially during church.

She is still very vocal, and smiles, laughs and talks to pretty much anyone giving her attention. Although we’ve found recently that in new environments/places/people, she spends a little time just looking all around, observing, and taking everything in before she starts to put on a show. Which is just fine.

We had our first round of sickness this month, which we found to be no fun at all. There is no worse feeling than the helplessness that comes from watching your sick baby. And we had a few restless nights from all that, but thankfully as soon as she was on the mend, she reverted right back to good nighttime sleep.

Overall, we’re just loving watching her grow and turn into a little person.

A roundup of some of my favorites this month:



Happy Half Birthday, Leyton Dean!

You are an absolute treasure and perfect in every way. We could not be more blessed.


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