Misadventures in grocery shopping

by Katie on August 7, 2013

The grocery list is a constant battle at the Leister house.

Obviously, I do all the shopping. Lest we end up with an entire pantry devoted to Little Debbie, and perhaps a second pantry for anything sold on end cap displays.

But this also means Brandon is constantly complaining “there is nothing to eat” here. Because, you know, if there aren’t any twinkies, there can’t possibly be anything else for a snack.

This problem mostly stems from the fact he has become increasingly more picky in recent years, and therefore more difficult to please with snack selection. And he sure isn’t going to eat my snacks (hummus, carrots, fresh fruit, green smoothies, pita chips, etc.). Basically the only thing we share is ice cream. But when I ask (read: beg) him for any suggestions on snack items to purchase for him? No response. So after a few (read: many) failed attempts, I finally informed him I would no longer be making any purchases for him unless he began making specific requests.

So last week, before a grocery run, I sent him a customary message asking if he wanted anything.

This time, he did actually make a request.

Candy bars.

Yes, candy bars. That was the grocery store request from my 32-year-old husband.

I kind of thought he was joking, and since I ended up not going to the store until a couple days later, I forgot about what was a ridiculous request anyway.

But, I also forgot that the previous week, I had bought myself one of those huge bars of dark chocolate with almonds. You see, I am somewhat making an attempt to curb my excessive ice cream eating habit (because, at some point, the baby softness has got to go), and I have found that one little square of dark chocolate in the evenings is just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, without adding too many bad calories. And no, Brandon does not eat dark chocolate either. Since it isn’t all that bad for you, he deems it “too healthy” of a chocolate to consume. (I’m telling you, boy has issues.)

Anyway, fast forward to last night…

We were in the kitchen, after supper, and I was retrieving a single square off my dark chocolate bar. The one I have had for at least two weeks now. I made mention of how perfect my little piece of dark chocolate was going to be to cap off my day.

“Oh, yes,” Brandon said, “That must be nice to have your little chocolate bar to eat. I wish I had a candy bar around here.”

And that’s when the light bulb came on for both of us…

“Hey, wait a minute!” He said, “I specifically asked for candy bars last week, and I don’t get my candy bars, but you get your own candy bar!? Seriously? How is that fair!?”

The injustice of unfair candy bar allotment around here, I tell you…

But part of the difference here? I have been eating on the same candy bar for two weeks. Brandon would have two a day. But I guess they’ll be on the list next time anyway. Who in the world just keeps a stash of candy bars around the house?

Apparently the Leisters will next week…


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