The origin of bleu cheese, from an entrepreneur

by Katie on July 12, 2013

Brandon has always despised bleu cheese. I have loved it. Until last summer, when pregnancy created a bleu cheese aversion for me; an affinity for him. And he delighted eating it in front of me during those days.

Anyway, a few nights ago, after we all had a rough night sleep-wise due to a feverish baby, I decided I was not cooking or cleaning up any supper. I picked up grocery store sushi for myself, and chicken wings for Brandon.

He pulled out the bleu cheese as his chosen dipping sauce, then asked me, “How do you even know when bleu cheese has gone bad, when it is inherently moldy already?”

Brushing him off, I said, “I don’t know. I think there’s a date on the jar somewhere.”

Then, thinking about what he said, I added, “And it’s not actual mold. You aren’t eating mold in a jar.”

“Sure it is,” he said, “You know how they came up with bleu cheese? Some fat king or somebody way back when let some cheese go moldy. Then he put it on a sandwich one day because it was all he had. And he decided it was pretty good. So he thought, ‘Huh, I’ll market my moldy cheese and make a fortune.’ And that’s how bleu cheese started.”



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