Misplacing the baby

by Katie on July 24, 2013

No, I did not lose my daughter. But Brandon does think I “forgot” where I placed her.

I mentioned she’s a pro at rolling over now, right? And that she often scoots all over playmat?

Well, now, I learned, she also scoots off her playmat.

A few nights ago, I placed her on her back in the smack middle of her playmat for just a couple minutes while I fixed her bedtime bottle. But, when I returned, much to my surprise (and horror), she was at least three feet from where I left her:  two feet away from the edge of the playmat, on her belly on the carpet, partially underneath an end table.

Now, I had seen her scoot around on her mat quite a bit, but how this much movement was even possible, I did not know.

I called Brandon into the room to show him what had happened so he could share in my amazement.

But his response?

“No, Katie. That’s impossible. You just forgot where you put her.”

Um, “forgot” where I put my baby? I don’t think so.

I mean, even if I had “forgotten” her exact placement, I don’t think I would have chosen the bare carpet with her head an inch from an end table leg as a good place to leave her unattended for a minute or two.

But Brandon stands by his claim. How he bears to leave his baby with someone who can’t remember where they left her I do not know.


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