Milestones: First Father’s Day

by Katie on July 17, 2013

Yes, I realize Father’s Day was an entire month ago now. Regardless, we celebrated Brandon’s First Father’s Day from afar…and very much apart. Oops!

Neither of us are very big on these holidays (good thing!); we prefer to live by the principle that our family should live and operate in such a way that a big hoopla for the “Hallmark Holidays” isn’t necessary. I mean, our girl already regularly proves she prefers her Daddy all the time – what more could a new dad ask for anyway?

So yeah…Leyton and I were in Texas on Brandon’s First Father’s Day. I had the trip planned months before I realized it fell on Father’s Day weekend. The plus side? I was able to be with my own Daddy for the first time in several years. The down side? Brandon won’t be letting me live it down anytime soon.

Now, when I figured out the scheduling conflict of our trip, I did immediately call Brandon and ask him if I needed to cancel it. His response?

“No, you know I don’t care. But don’t think I’m not going to give you a hard time in front of everyone about taking my baby away from me on my first Father’s Day.”

…Because that’s how this family also operates:  tough love.

We did send our favorite Daddy the following images to hold him over and show our love and appreciation, until we rejoined him the next day:







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