Rise and shine

by Katie on June 6, 2013

Leyton follows a good routine every day, and it all started with consistently waking her at 7:00 every morning, even before she was sleeping all night. Admittedly, it was rough getting myself up to wake her in the early days when we had been up a few times during the night. But the sweet reward of a four month old baby who has been sleeping 10.5 solid hours at night for a month? So worth it.

This mama needs her sleep.

Anyway, since she has been sleeping so well for so long, I’ve started letting her sleep an extra 15 minutes or so if she’s not already stirring at 7am. Because while I am a morning person, and get up between 5:00 and 5:30 every day, I also relish my time alone in the mornings.

And I have a lot to fit into those short hours before she gets up. Including my morning cup of coffee.

Now, I am not one of those “have-to-have-my-caffeine” people. I simply like and enjoy one cup of coffee in the mornings. And I prefer to enjoy it alone.

One morning last week, Brandon had not left for work yet, and Leyton was still sleeping at 7:10. Brandon was putting his boots on, and said, “Isn’t she usually up by now?”

“Yes, but I haven’t finished my coffee yet,” I said.

Brandon, in the most mocking and sarcastic tone he could muster (which is saying a lot – trust me), replied, “Oh yes, because what in the world would we do if we had to drink our coffee after the baby woke up?”

Hey, we all have our morning requirements. His is to lay in bed staring at the ceiling for a solid hour after he wakes up. Mine is to have a hot mug of coffee in quiet and peace before my day is relinquished to taking care of other people. Don’t knock it.


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