by Katie on June 20, 2013

I attended my ten year high school reunion in the swamps I call home last weekend.

Brandon, who probably graduated with more people than attended my high school, and had a $75 fancy plated dinner and golf tournament for his reunion, poked a little fun at my small “BYOB” gathering. And that was before he found out one of my classmates cooked the BBQ we had himself (and did a darn fine job, I might add). Gotta work with your resources. And, where I come from, we really wouldn’t have things any other way anyway. So we had a nice little gathering, caught up and parted ways once again.

One of my closest friends placed herself in charge of planning things, and requested we send old pictures from high school to her for a slideshow. Not much from my childhood actually made it to Arizona, but I did scrounge up about 15 pictures from one of my albums. I showed them to Brandon after I scanned them, and after we laughed at a few things circa 2003, I told him, “I still look exactly the same,” surprised at this revelation.

After giving me a once-over, he said, “Oh, some things have changed, Dear.”

“My face, Brandon. I meant my face.”

“Oh, I’ll give you that.”


Have I ever told you how encouraging my husband is? Consider this Example A.


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