The fruit of our labor

by Katie on May 27, 2013

We have a few fruit trees in our yard.

Some of them die occasionally, being as we live in a desert and it is WORK to keep anything in your yard alive. To even keep a yard, actually. But one of our fruit trees has stood the test of time and is beating all odds, thriving even.

But that tree?

It’s a grapefruit tree.

Neither of us eat grapefruit.

So most of the time, all our grapefruit eventually ends up going bad or freezing, still on the tree. We just aren’t that motivated to go out and pick fruit we aren’t going to eat I guess.

One day, Brandon was out inspecting our overflowing grapefruit tree, wondering aloud why we leave so much fruit on the tree, just to waste. And he started plucking the giant, overripe fruit and dropping it on the ground.

“Wait,” I said, “Spread them out, like this.”

And I started chucking them across the “lane” that is our backyard.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“This is what I always do with our grapefruit,” I explained. “When the tree is too full, I throw them all over the yard, so when I mow over them, it smells really good.”

“So, we keep this grapefruit tree alive so you can have air freshener while you mow?”

“Pretty much…pretty much.”



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