The equal opportunity fisherman

by Katie on May 28, 2013

Sunday morning, Brandon and his dad both came upon a couple of days where the hay baling calendar was clear, so they headed off on what is likely the last fishing expedition of the year. (For Brandon’s sake, I hope not, but in the reality of hay season, probably so.)

Brandon had spent the three days prior deeply engrossed in the fishing reports coming from Lake Powell, a lake way up north he had yet to fish. Everyone who had been there in the past week was reporting they “were catching, not fishing,” and Brandon nearly came undone trying to figure out how he could get up there before the fishing fizzled. He finally got a plan together, convinced his dad to accompany him, and after a few last minute hay hiccups (because that’s what always happens on the farm), they were off.

And the fishing reports had not been falsely inflated.

They arrived the first day just in time to put in an hour and a half on the poles before dark, and hauled in 51, 30 keepers, in that time.

After catching the same thing the entire time that day, Brandon wanted to try some different areas/tackle the next day to see what he could get in the boat. They ended up with plenty of fish again (67 total, 37 kept), and quite the range of species. According to Brandon, there were only two species that existed in that lake that he didn’t catch (one of which was a carp, which doesn’t even really count as a fish – yuck!).

And the following is the Instagram post he made regarding that fact:



Oh, what a “keeper” I have!


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