Milestones: Leyton rolls over

by Katie on May 21, 2013

In early April, Brandon’s mom began picking up Leyton two afternoons a week on her way home from work so I could start chipping away at the mountain of a work backlog bringing a baby into the world created for me.

This resulted in really only six to eight hours each week where I was away from my baby. Out of 168 hours, you wouldn’t think it was very much.

About the third week of this, I noticed Leyton was really working on trying to roll over. She would get a little more than halfway, then get angry – like, violently angry – and I would eventually have to rescue her. As soon as this started, I just knew that those 6-8/168 hours would be the time she finally propelled herself over.

Guess what?

I was right.

On Wednesday, April 24th, Leyton rolled over (belly to back) for the first time.

And the second time.

And the third time.


Brandon came by the house in the late afternoon, and said, “I don’t really know if I should tell you this.”

Which, of course, I made him elaborate upon.

“I saw our baby roll over for the second time today,” he announced.

This prompted the following from me:  “What!? Really!? I KNEW this was going to happen. I KNEW it! Did anyone record it!?”

“Oh,…uh…no. We didn’t think about that.”

Needless to say, I was just a bit bummed. To have missed it, and to not have it documented.


The next day, Leyton and I left to spend eight days in Texas. We were on the go quite a bit, so she didn’t have as much floor time as she normally does, and we had to be careful placing her on the floor so as to not have her trampled by her toddler cousins running through the room. But the limited amount of time she spent on the floor? Didn’t even try to roll over, not one bit.

In fact, it was a full 14 days later that she finally made  an attempt for me. On May 8th, I set her down on the floor in her room, and she just immediately flopped herself right over. So I did finally get to witness it, but it happened so fast I wasn’t ready to record it. I ran to retrieve my phone, flipped her back over (which she kind of wasn’t all that happy about), and started the video.

So, here it is, y’all. The miraculous fifth time Leyton rolled from her belly to her back:


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