How we celebrate Memorial Day

by Katie on May 29, 2013

With the passing of Memorial Day this year, and celebrating all the great men and women (and their families) who have served our country, I remembered what we celebrated along with all that last year.

Memorial Day weekend 2012 was when we found out a Little Leister was on his/her way. (Yes, we waited three more months before we shared the news.)

I did, however, leave out a little piece of information when I shared the initial events following our discovery of such big, wonderful news.

Because my dear, sweet, baby-girl-loving husband? Upchucked his supper and developed a cold sore within an hour of learning the news.

Now that, y’all, is worth documenting for posterity.

I was one of those crazy people who had imagined sharing that kind of news with my husband in some very cute, elaborate, grand gesture. But when it came down to it, I couldn’t spill the beans fast enough.

As I mentioned when we made our announcement, I had only known myself for maybe half an hour before Brandon walked in the door, and had barely recovered from all the laughing/nearly crying/praying/beaming that followed. And about ten minutes after that, we were both headed out again, on our way to have dinner with friends. Nothing like a baby bomb to spice up your night. About halfway there, Brandon said his stomach was bothering him.

“Really, why’s that?” I asked, suddenly nervous about what we were getting ourselves into.

“I’m not sure,” he said.

“That’s weird. You’re sure it’s not because of…”

When he caught on to where I was going with that, he started blurting out a bunch of No’s and saying that was most certainly not the case.

Dinner was served pretty soon after our arrival, and Brandon ended up having to excuse himself from the dinner table. Where he proceeded to get rid of the food he had consumed at that point. But, he returned and finished his dinner and was fine after that.

When we got into the car to leave, he mentioned how he had noticed after supper that he was getting a cold sore and needed to get some medicine on it.

And I just laughed.

“What’s funny?” he asked.

“Oh nothing,” I said. “Just thinking about how funny it’s going to be to tell everyone that within an hour of me telling you we were going to have a baby, you puked and got a cold sore. Even if they aren’t related, it’s pretty funny.”


He agreed, but wouldn’t let me tell anyone for the longest time (fearful they would think those things were an actual reaction to the news). But since he’s recently started telling people himself, I figured it was time to get it well-documented.

And now, a year later from that weekend, with a nearly four-month-old, babbling, rolling over, beautiful baby girl, we certainly couldn’t imagine our lives any other way.


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