Vacationing. And napping.

by Katie on May 20, 2013

It just so happened that we had a slow couple of days on the farm over Mother’s Day weekend, so we made plans for our little family of three to get out of town.

Which, for the record, has never happened before. Ever.

The closest we have come to leaving town for pure “vacation” reasons (and not to hunt, fish or make mandatory migration to Texas) was last Spring when we spent a few days in Florida. Visiting customers, not the beach. So, pretty much just a work trip. An enjoyable one, no doubt, but still not a vacation.

So Brandon had me book a night at one of the desert ranch resorts about an hour away, and off we went for 24 hours.

The first thing on our agenda?



Please note this is Brandon napping. Alone. On our Mother’s Day Getaway. What was I doing? Taking our baby for a walk in the very warm afternoon so as not to disturb his slumber. There is no bitterness there at all.

Later that evening, we met up with some friends who live in town and our little family joined them for a downtown street dance and barbeque:


The next morning, I had planned to go on an early run. Alone. That was my Mother’s Day wish. Brandon did not understand it, but said he would be happy to sleep in with our girl and feed her when she awoke at 7am. That ended up not really happening due to oversleeping on my part, but Brandon did still take baby duty that morning. Except for the diapers. Those were still left for me.

After gorging ourselves on a mega breakfast buffet, complete with a pancake/waffle/omelet bar, we enjoyed a little time poolside before it got too warm.

That brought more of this for Brandon (and Leyton, minus the toes in the water):


And a poolside Mother’s Day mimosa for me. Which was definitely my splurge for the day, and what we counted as my “gift” (since we don’t really do those). If you’ve ever ordered a mimosa at a resort, you know what I’m saying. Let’s just say I was not expecting it to be cheap, and it was about two dollars more expensive than I anticipated. Yeah…

Anyway, after we had recovered from the breakfast buffet, cleaned ourselves up for the day and gathered our belongings, we made our way back downtown to feast on the local Mexican cuisine.

Afterward, we made a last visit with friends, and I got a picture with the sweet girl who made me a Mama for my first Mother’s Day:


Please note that two of the four pictures taken on our Mother’s Day Getaway were of Brandon napping.

Just throwing that out there.

All in all, a very pleasant little vacation for our new family of three.


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